The Beautiful Niagara Glen Nature Reserve

Known to many locals as “the Gorge”, the Niagara Glen is a Geographical wonder and a Natural paradise, removed from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist city.

The Niagara Glen Nature Reserve is a series of 9 trails which traverse a magical, moss-covered, bolder-strewn land mass, nestled along the Niagara River. A glen is a narrow valley that is hidden away. In this case, the Niagara glen is hidden between a river and a cliff. This wonderous place is located almost 99 feet below ground level at the base of the massive gorge wall, eroded and scoured by the mighty Niagara Falls’ water fall over 9000 years ago! It takes more than 100 metal and stone stairs to descend into this nature reserve, but the journey is well worth the climb. What you will find is a unique ecosystem full of flora and fauna found only in this unique section of Ontario’s Carolinian forest.

The Niagara Glen Nature Reserve area, which is maintained by the Niagara Parks Commission in Ontario, is free and open to anyone and everyone who is looking for a Nature experience. Bicycles and motorized vehicles must remain parked in the entrance parking lot or bike parking. Car parking must be paid at the computerized parking meters which require a credit card and cost around three dollars per hour per vehicle. Swimming is prohibited for safety reasons and remember to ‘take only pictures and leave only footprints’.

Directions to the Glen:
Google “Niagara Glen Nature Reserve” for proper directions.
The GPS for this location is approximately: N 43 07.807 W 079 03.454
If you are driving from Toronto:
Get on Gardiner Expy W from Bay St.
7 min (1.9 km)
Continue on Gardiner Expy W. Take Queen Elizabeth Way, ON-403 W and Queen Elizabeth Way/QEW to Stanley Ave/Regional Rd 102 in Niagara Falls. Take the Stanley Avenue/Regional Road 102 exit from General Brock Pkwy/ON-405
1 h 11 min (122 km)
Drive to Niagara Pkwy
5 min (4.5 km)
There is no washroom on the trail, so it is a good idea to use the washrooms provided at the bottom of the gift shop before you start your hike.

Trail maps and information are located at the top of the metal stair case, which depict the 9 trails and the trails are marked with trail markers, but we advise that you take note of your location often but remember; all trails which lead away from the river will eventually bring you back to the top, which is always behind you if you are facing the river.
May your Niagara Glen hiking adventure be as beautiful as you are and we recommend booking a tour with us if you are interested in learning some little known facts about the area!
Written by: Christa Barette

“Our hike with Christa was incredible. She was great at communicating before the hike, very accommodating, and super knowledgable. The walk was beautiful, and the interesting facts and experiences she shared with the group made it feel very special. This experience far exceeded my expectations and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is traveling to the area. I hope I can join Christa on another hike someday!”
May 2018

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