We offer tours daily in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Come and join us for our Natural Connection tour or, if you prefer, enjoy a Yoga Nature Tour. Our tours are unique and can be catered to private groups or couples.

Our Natural Connection tour experience begins with a guided walk through one of Niagara’s most beautiful natural areas. You will learn about the geological and other lesser known history of the area, hear the First Nations history, as well as experience a closer connection to the Natural beauty of Niagara.

For those who are looking for a healing practice for mind, body and spirit, our Yoga Nature Tour is the perfect option. This tour gives participants a chance to really slow down and connect with Niagara’s Nature through a Yoga practice and Nature hike.

Text or email us today to book your tour. We offer tours 5 days a week and are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our Tours can be tailored to your private group. Text, call or email us to book your special group today! email us at: naturalniagaratours@gmail.com
text or call us at: 1-905-353-5323