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Natural Connection Tours
There is no WIFI on this tour, but you will find a better connection. On these guided walking tours, you will Explore new connections to Niagara’s Carolinian Forest in one of two fabulous Niagara Falls Nature areas. Learn about the area’s fascinating geological history, hear the First Nations legends and discover local Niagara Falls’ secrets. On these 2 hour guided tours, you will experience Niagara Falls’ Nature up close and personal!

Choose from 2 Locations
Location 1: Niagara Glen (maximum group size 6 people)

Explore with us! Discover the Niagara Glen carved out by Niagara Falls over 9000 years ago. Hear the stories and legends, learn about the fascinating geology and experience ancient activities. You will come away from this experience with a new view of Niagara Falls.

*This tour includes 200 stairs and traversing uneven, rocky terrain.
* Group size limited to protect delicate environment
$69 per person
$99 per couple
$299 up to 6 people

Location 2: Bruce Trail (up to 30 people)

The Niagara Terminus of the Bruce Trail is situated a top the Niagara Escarpment also known as the ‘Giants Rib’. Enjoy a guided Nature experience on the oldest known marked walking trail in Canada. Hear the ancient legends, learn of the fascinating geological and anthropological history and connect deeply with the forest! Enjoy some fresh air and rejuvenation with the trees and dirt!

$99 Per Person
$149 Per Couple
$449 up to 8 people
$500 up to 10 people
$800 up to 20 people
$999 up to 30 people
55 people – Ask for quotes for groups larger that 30