Natural Niagara Tours Experiences

There is nothing like a

unique experience to make

your vacation memorable.

We offer small, private

group experiences of up to 6

people in Niagara Falls,


On top of our amazing tours, we offer exciting workshops and other local experiences to suit your desire. Experience Niagara like you never have before!

Some Experiences that we offer:

Yoga in a Private, Niagara Organic Garden  – 2 hours

Treat your group to an peaceful, organic Yoga experience in A private outdoor setting.
Stretch and move your body after your travels and ground yourself into the Earth here in Niagara Falls with a beginner-friendly, relaxing Yoga class for all ages.

Meet Your instructor – Christa Barette Certified Yoga Instructor

Christa is a 240 hour certified Yoga instructor who is also certified in Restorative Yoga as well as several energy therapies. She loves to guide her workshop participants into new levels of relaxation, peace and ease with her classes which she designs using soothing music, candle light and simple, easy to follow instructions to suit any body type.

Duration: 2 hours

Based on Availability. Weather dependent. We recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment.

Price $120 for up to 6 people.

Learn To Draw a Sacred Geometry Mandala – 2 Hours

This workshop will include a brief lesson on how to create a beautiful mandala pattern of your very own. You will learn the fundamentals of drawing sacred geometry, including how to use the tools required (mechanical pencil, ruler, compass, etc). The event culminates with everyone completing a flower of life-based Mandala. If time permits, other Mandala styles will be explored using your new knowledge.

Meet your instructor – Dylan bond, Sacred Geometry Artist

Dylan “fell into” the arts via sacred geometry, and begin studying in early 2012. His works have been since featured in galleries, coffee shops and publications. Most visibly noticed is his mural on Saint Paul Street in Saint Catharines at James Street.

Duration – 2 Hours

Based on Availibility.

$120 for up to 6 people.

Botanical Art Experience in an Organic Garden (Spring, Summer and Fall) – 2-3 Hours

Join us to relax and create art while enjoying the beautiful organic gardens of Lundy’s Farmhouse.

Come for our 2 hour drawing, colouring and watercolour session. We will play soothing music and offer various spaces around the grounds where you can sit comfortably as you create art.

We will supply drawing materials, watercolour paper, brushes and paint, colouring books and pencil crayons for you to choose from.

During the experience, we will offer various aromatic herbal teas and light snacks.

Duration – 2-3 Hours

Based on Availability. If weather is inclement, this workshop will be brought indoors.

Cost $120 for up to 6 people

Medicinal Tea Making with Niagara’s Most Commonly Used Herbs – 2 Hours

In this workshop you will learn about the most commonly used medicinal plants of the Niagara Region, their traditional uses and how to identify them in their natural habitats.

You will then use your new knowledge to harvest and prepare a unique herbal infusion for yourself.

The workshop will end with the enjoyment of your unique herbal tea in a beautiful, outdoor setting.

Meet Your Instructor – Barbara Grumme, Wellness Coach

Barbara Grumme has been exploring wholistic healing for more than 20 years. After being struck by lightning in 2000, an experience which left her with increased sensitivity to the world around her as well as undiagnosable health issues; she set out on to a path to wellness which included deep explorations into the psyche, the energetic world, shamanism and working with plants and energy medicine. She now shares her knowledge through workshops and one on one coaching.

Also Availiable –

Crystal Wire-Wrapping in a refurbished 1850’s Farmhouse