Can I Use My Presto Pass in Niagara Falls, Canada?

Can I Use my Presto Pass in Niagara Falls, Canada January 17, 2023 Written by: Christa Barette

Short answer: No. Long answer: You can use your Presto Pass to get from Niagara Falls to Toronto and you can use your presto pass to get from Toronto to Niagara Falls but the buck stops hereā€¦..or rather; starts here. That is to say that:

Once you get to Niagara Falls, Canada your Presto Pass is completely useless until you are catching your bus back to Toronto.

So what transit is available to me in Niagara Falls if my presto pass doesn’t work?

You have two options for transportation in Niagara Falls from the bus terminal:

The WEGO bus (which goes to the waterfall and to the tourist attractions and hotels) or Niagara Regional Transit which takes you to the rest of the City where people live.

The WEGO bus has two stops at the bus terminal. One stop is across the street in front of the abandoned Europa Hotel which is Northbound and the other is on the East side of the bus terminal which is South bound and will take you to the waterfall and the busy tourist area. The WeGo bus only stops at special WEGO stops. Be sure to get a map when you buy your pass.

The WeGo bus drivers do not take cash. You have to purchase your WEGO pass in the bus terminal. There is a 24 hour pass for about $9. You can also buy a 48 hour pass.

The City Transit costs $3 per trip and change is required. The city bus stop is in front of the bus shelter on the South side of the bus terminal building. The bus number 104 will take you to the Clifton Hill area which is close to the Falls. Just ask your bus driver to drop you off at Clifton Hill.

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